Happening OUT Travel Club Associates with Cruises and Tours Unlimited

Happening OUT Travel Club is a Non-profit 501(c)3 Travel Club which is operated through a Television Show by HOTspots! Magazine Happening Out Television Network. It is the Nation’s Largest LGBTQ+ Non-Profit 501(c)3 Television Channel. Our suppliers make available free turn-key travel programs where they will provide trips to be used as revenue fundraisers.

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Our Story

Founded in 1992, Cruises & Tours Unlimited began with a small team’s dream that has grown to over 38 full-time employees. It is now recognized as one of the 25 largest privately owned cruise and tour agencies in the nation.

Happening OUT Travel Club as a Non-Profit 501(c)3 launched with the mission of crafting exciting and educational travel programs designed to raise funds and educate the LGBTQ+ community.
Learn More about Happening Out Television Network’s mission to “support the 11 pillars of the LGBTQ+ Community”.

Our Mission

We are driven by a mission to revolutionize your travel experiences. We curate genuine, immersive adventures that transcend the conventional tourist routes, all while offering tailor-made journeys tailored to your preferences, each experience meticulously designed to be unique and unforgettable—whether it’s singing at special and historical venues in Rome or indulging in extraordinary encounters. Beyond travel, our platform helps develop community connections, reuniting spirits and enabling meaningful meet-ups.

Moreover, we extend our commitment to assisting in fundraising efforts that directly impact your aspirations, bridging travel and purpose seamlessly. With our turnkey solutions, leave the logistics to us, ensuring your focus remains solely on soaking in every moment without a hint of hassle. An unparalleled concept that sets an unmatched standard in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart

WE ARE NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY. Our approach goes beyond mere bookings; we curate exclusive, premium experiences at exceptionally competitive rates. What makes us truly stand out is the opportunity to earn revenue while you travel, facilitated by interest-free payment plans, making these adventures accessible to all. Leveraging our non-profit status, we secure substantial discounts from vendors, allowing us to offer deeply competitive prices, making it affordable for all.

Happening OUT Travel Club functions on a turnkey model, managing all aspects of your journey:

  • We specialize in curating unique educational group travel experiences, guaranteeing unmatched adventures every time.
  • Benefit from weekly additions to our trip lineup, providing continuous access to new, discounted Travel Club experiences that redefine exploration.
  • We do all of the heavy lifting. Your only responsibility is to share and promote the trip within your community to earn benefits.

Our Associate - Cruises And Tours Unlimited

“ is owned by Cruises & Tours Unlimited and was founded by Sam & Sheryl Muraca in November of 1992. It had grown to over 38 full-time employees with Sam running the sales department and Sheryl managing customer service. Sam passed away in 2010 and Sheryl still works part-time. Now recognized as one of the 25 largest privately owned cruise and tour agencies in the nation, it is presently owned and operated by their son Steve Muraca and nephew Chad Burt. Steve and Chad’s vision has grown the company beyond Sam and Sheryl’s expectations. Sam would be so proud! As a family owned and operated the company, this means the world to us.”

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