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Get ready for a travel experience like no other! Happening OUT Travel Club isn’t just a club, it’s your ticket to vibrant, LGBTQ+ affirming adventures.

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Celebrate diversity with trips crafted to embrace the LGBTQ+ community. Safe, inclusive, and filled with opportunities to connect and make lifelong friends.

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We believe in building connections. Our trips go beyond the typical tourist experience, offering a chance to create meaningful connections and cherished moments.

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MSC SeaScape Cruise
8 Days from $469

This is an 8 Day CruiseTour For ‘The SMART Ride Reunion At Sea’ is a special experience supported by Happening Out Travel Club, and the Hotspots Magazine Happening Out Television Network. Our 501(c)3 Non Profit LGBTQ+ media company has received special incentives to make this trip possible for you. Enjoy this special INTERNATIONAL FUN RIDE and support The SMART Ride, Beneficiaries and reunite with riders and supporters that have made The SMART Ride one of the great nonprofit LGBTQ+ charity events in America.

A Monumental, Groundbreaking LANDcruise Experience Awaits
SEPTEMBER 14, 2024
12 DAYS FROM $1299
The Alpine Hub & Spoke Experience Embark on a high-value 12-day escorted journey through Alpine Europe, exploring Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Unpack once in a first-class hotel and enjoy a unique land cruise experience. This all-inclusive trip covers transportation, most meals, and features sightseeing in five Alpine countries, culminating in the world-famous Gay Munich Oktoberfest. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, making memories that last a lifetime!


Hear from Our Happy Travelers!

Embrace The Colorful Rhythms Of Medellin Pride And Celebrate Diversity In Full Bloom
JUNE 27, 2024
5 DAYS FROM $249
Discover the vibrant LGBTQ+ scene in Medellín during this unforgettable 5-day journey. Choose from elite accommodations – first Class, deluxe, or luxury. Your all-inclusive experience includes a knowledgeable gay escort, immersive sightseeing, VIP access to dynamic parties, seamless airport transfers, and a memorable VIP parade experience with exclusive seating and a dedicated bar. Join the Special Equal Pride Summit and Town Hall, celebrating diversity in the city’s most exuberant Gay Pride festivities.
Incredible Value To Italy’s Top Destinations
2024: April 9, October 8 || 2025: April 22, October 7
15 DAYS FROM $1799
Indulge in a HIGH VALUE 15-day tour through Italy’s gems – Rome, Tuscany, and Venice. Experience a unique land cruise, staying in only two hand picked hotels – three nights in Rome and ten nights in captivating Tuscany. Your journey includes most meals, all transportation within Italy, and comprehensive sightseeing. Revel in the beauty of Italy’s cities and landmarks, accompanied by an experienced gay escort for an inclusive and unforgettable experience.
Join Us, By Far, The World’s Largest LGBTQ+ Gathering in 2025
JUNE 5, 2025
5 DAYS FROM $359
A 5-day journey to the 2025 World Pride in Washington DC—the epitome of LGBTQ+ pride celebrations. This all-inclusive experience includes an experienced gay escort, comprehensive DC sightseeing, VIP party access, and World Pride events. Choose from Super Value to Luxury accommodations. Enhance your experience with VIP seats at the World Pride Parade. Seamless airport transfers ensure a hassle-free journey. Many additional events to be announced shortly. Join us for an unforgettable celebration of diversity and inclusion.